Porco; Raça; Bísaro

Bísaro pigs, originating from the Celtic linage, are large animals, reaching more than one meter in height and 1.5 meters from the nape to the root of the tail, with black, white or mottled fur, thick skin, with long, thick and abundant bristles. The head is long and thick, with long, wide and pendant ears, a  developed face and a large mouth. The neck is long and regularly muscled. The trunk is long, with an arched back, a high, flat and shallow chest, a wide and shallow flank, a narrow, drooping and little muscled rump, a tucked-in belly.

The limbs are long, bony and little muscled, with a regular plumb. The thighs are of good length and deficient in thickness because they are little muscled; the feet are well developed. The tail is thick and of medium insertion. They are animals with a very docile temperament, slow and with little graceful movements. They have high prolificacy.

The carcass of the Bísaro pig has a proportion of muscle greater than fat, resulting in a little thinned but very streaky meat, whose flavor is improved with the food that these animals are subjected to, which is rich and varied.