How can I buy ?

To buy on the Terra Fria Portal, it is necessary to create an account. Simply provide the requested information and log in. Select the desired product (s) and add it (s) to the cart. Click on checkout and you will be directed to the checkout page, where you must fill in the billing and shipping information and confirm the order.

Where can I find the products characteristics?

The characteristics of the products are present on the product page. If the information you are looking for is not in the specifications, please contact us

How can I pay my order ?

Payment is made by bank transfer or direct deposit into  our account. 

How is the product shipped?

Orders are delivered via carrier. We remind you that you must have your personal data updated in order to receive information about your online purchases.

How long it will take to dispatch my order ?

Orders with payment confirmation, usually, take one to two business days to be dispatched

What are the shipping costs?

In continental Portugal:

– Orders up to 2 KG – 5,03 €

– Orders up to 5 KG – € 5.23

– Orders up to 10 KG – € 5.53

– Orders up to 15 KG – € 6.23

– Orders up to 20 KG – 6,53 €

Do you ship abroad ?

We do, contact us for more details.

How can I make a suggestion or contact the Portal Terra Fria?

You can contact the Portal Terra Fria  through the email