1Kg Casulas (soak, in a pan with water overnight)

1Kg Butelo

1Un. Chouriço de Sangue Doce

1Un. Chouriça

2Un. Línguas Fumadas

0.5Kg  Costela Fumada

0.5Kg Chacina Fumada


Bring a pan to the heat with the casulas and add the water where they were soaked, season  itwith salt (little), add cold water.

In the same pan add the butelo, the costela and the chacina,  cook it for 1h 30m.

In addition, cook the Chouriço de Sangue Doce, the chouriça, the línguas fumadas and the potatoes. When meat is cooked (note that meat has different cooking times), arrange the potatoes on a platter, add the casulas, the sliced meats and the chouriça.

Drizzle the casulas with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar and bring it to the table.

Enjoy your food!